Domain Name Registrar Review

Introduction claims itself as a company, existing from 1979. They offer services like Domain name registrations, Email Hosting, Web Hosting, SSL Certificates, Online Marketing, Design Services, Mobile Services, etc.


.com registration – $2.95/yr* Promotional (Domain Name Promotional Pricing Terms)
Domain privacy – $9.99/yr (Domain Privacy Pricing Terms)
Total – $12.94/yr* Promotional

.com registration – $37.99/yr
Domain privacy – $9.99/yr (Domain Privacy Pricing Terms)
Total – $85.96/yr

Domain name Introductory pricing

The pricing for the Introductory period i.e. the first year is can be seen in the screenshots below (highlighted in purple):

Network Solutions Domain Name Pricing

Network Solutions Domain Name Pricing

Domain name Renewal pricing

The pricing for the Renewal i.e. after the first year can be seen from the screenshots below (highlighted in red):


Domain privacy pricing

The domain privacy pricing is mentioned in the screenshots as $1.99/month. But when the same is added to cart, the pricing charges to a flat rate of $9.99/yr. This leaves me confused!!!

Network Solutions Domain Privacy Pricing

Network Solutions Domain Privacy Pricing

Total Order pricing

The total order price for domain registration and privacy is $12.94 for the first year.

Network Solutions Domain Name Introductory Pricing

Network Solutions Domain Name Introductory Pricing

The renewal charges are $85.96/yr. Proof below.

Network Solutions Domain Name Renewal  Pricing

Network Solutions Domain Name Renewal Pricing

User Interface (UI) sports a modern UI. They make sure that a visitor does not miss the domain name search box by placing it just below the navigation and above the fold. The domain name search results, however, are not AJAX powered and hence could tax users by having them spend more time on searching the right domain name. Finally, when placing an order for the domain name registration, the Add to Cart system and the Checkout process is quite easy to understand.

Other Services/Features offered

  • Domain Names
  • Email Hosting
  • Websites
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • Online Marketing
  • Design Services
  • Mobile Services
  • Payment: Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal

About the Company

  • In Service from 1979
  • Support via: Phone, Blog, FAQ
  • Support timings: Not Available
  • Support phone: + 1-800-333-7680; International Customers: +1 (570) 708-8788


  • Initial signup discount available for domain registration
  • Pricing of the domain name registration is the lowest in the introductory price
  • ICANN-accredited
  • Accepts Credit cards
  • Phone support available


  • Pricing for renewal is the highest
  • Online chat support not available Review Conclusion

As a domain name registrar, could have been a good option, consdering that they also have a initial domain registration discount. They have a good UI that makes leaves a pleasing experience. But when we get to the core of our reason of shopping for domain name registration, the total price of the order comes out really high for the renewals.

For example, you are looking at paying at least $25-26/yr. per domain, just for the domain name. So for 4 domains, you end up paying $100 more per year. This is really expensive.

Also their Terms of service and billing policies are really confusing. They quote a pricing structure and apply some other pricing structure and this leads to lot of confusion and could leave users frustrated at the end.

Verdict on as Domain Name Registrar

I DO NOT RECOMMEND as their prices are really high. Stay away from them or you will really burn a hole in your pocket.

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