1and1.com Domain Name Registrar Review


1and1.com.com claims itself as a leader amongst global Web hosting providers. They also offer services like Domain name registrations, reliable e-commerce services, etc. They claim to offer complete solution with complete control at unbeatable value with emphasis on scalability. They also to offer 30-Day Money Back guarantee on select services.


.com registration – $14.99/yr (First year of registration – $0.99)
Domain privacy – Free
Total – $14.99/yr (First year of registration – $0.99)

Domain name pricing

The prices shown in the screenshot below reflects the annual price of $0.99/yr for the first year.

1and1.com Introductory Domain Pricing $0.99 for first year

1and1.com Introductory Domain Pricing $0.99 for first year

Domain name renewal

The renewal price of the domain would be $14.99/yr. Their pricing and disclosure can be seen from the screenshots below:

1and1.com Regular Domain Pricing $14.99/yr.

1and1.com Regular Domain Pricing $14.99/yr.

1and1.com Introductory Domain Payment Terms

1and1.com Introductory Domain Payment Terms

Domain privacy pricing

The domain privacy pricing is Free and can be seen in the screenshot below:

1and1.com Free Domain Privacy

1and1.com Free Domain Privacy

Total Order pricing

The total order price for domain registration and privacy is $0.99 for the first year. The renewal charges are $14.99/yr as can be seen in the screenshot below:

1and1.com Checkout Pricing - $0.99 for first year then $14.99

1and1.com Checkout Pricing – $0.99 for first year then $14.99

User Interface (UI)

1and1.com makes a very bold statement when it comes to UI. They take charge of the website and make sure that they highlight what they want very boldly. It’s just that the search box for the domain name registration looks lost as it appears towards the bottom of the above-the-fold.

The domain name search results, recommendations page are designed with the thought of offering more services to customers. At the same time, they also give the alternate choice to skip their services. Finally, when placing an order for the domain name registration, the Add to Cart system and the Checkout process is quite easy and simple to understand.

Other Services/Features offered

  • Domain Transfer
  • Free Lifetime Domain Name Privacy
  • Web Hosting services, Servers
  • E-Commerce options
  • Mail and office products
  • Payment: Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal

About the Company

  • In Service from 1998
  • Support via: Email, Phone
  • Support timings: 24×7 except national holidays
  • Support phone: +1 (877) 461-2631; 1-866-991-2631; International Customers: +1 (816) 621-4797


  • Initial signup discount available for domain registration
  • Pricing of the domain name registration is the lowest
  • Free domain privacy
  • ICANN-accredited
  • Accepts Credit cards
  • Email, Phone support available


  • Prices for more than one domain registration and/or domain registration renewals for two or more years is a bit higher.
  • Online chat support not available

1and1.com Review Conclusion

As a domain name registrar, 1and1.com could have been a good option, consdering that they also have a initial domain registration discount. They have great UI that makes it an enjoyable experience. But good things apart, when shopping for domain name registration, the total price of the order comes out higher than expected.

For example, if you register 10 domains with them, you end up paying around $50 more every year. This is expensive.

Verdict on 1and1.com as Domain Name Registrar

  • I RECOMMEND 1and1.com for buying only one domain name and that too just one time as their introductory price is the lowest in the market.
  • I DO NOT RECOMMEND 1and1.com for buying only more than 1 domain name and/or renewing domain names with them as their prices are a bit high.

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