Domain Name Registrar Review

Introduction appears to be the modern day domain name registrar that has been in business since 2003. They claim to offer domain names registration, web hosting services, Security tools (SSL Certificates, etc.), SEO, email, website builder, premium and expired domain names and world-class customer service.


.com registration – $10.99/yr ($10.99/yr Renewal)
Domain privacy – $3.99/yr
Total – $14.98/yr

Domain name pricing

The prices shown in the screenshot below reflects the price of $10.99/yr for 1 year domain name registration Registration $10.99 Registration $10.99

Domain privacy pricing

The domain privacy pricing can be seen in the screenshot for the Total Order pricing in the following section.

Total Order pricing Order Total $14.98 Order Total $14.98

User Interface (UI)

As far as the UI goes, the website looks like a modern day website. The homepage focuses the central attention on the domain name search box, which is what every user would like to use when searching for domain names. This makes it much more easier. The homepage also showcases different useful products that could be of interest.

When placing an order for the domain name registration, the Add to Cart system is appealing and sensible. Finally the Checkout process itself is very simple and the layout of the estimate helps in understanding of the costs very easily. All in all, the UI looks good, although it could use some improvements such as using darker text and enough contrast.

Other Services/Features offered

  • Domain Transfers
  • Bulk Search
  • Domain Nabber
  • Premium Domain Names
  • New Domains Watcher
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • Mobile Website Builder
  • SSL Certificates
  • Payment: Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express),  PayPal

About the Company

  • In Service from 2003
  • Support via: Ticket, Email, Phone
  • Support Contact Numbers: +1.720.249.2374


  • ICANN-accredited
  • Accepts PayPal and credit cards
  • Other Website Services to take your business forward are available
  • Phone, Email and Ticket support available


  • Pricing of the domain name is a bit more than the standard market price
  • Domain Whois Privacy is being charged for separately
  • No initial signup discounts
  • No chat support Review Conclusion could be a real good provider to go with if it weren’t for the costs associated with their services. They charge for the domain privacy separately and this was unexpected. I would have definitely recommended them had they provided domain name privacy for free. In that way, I could have got domain name registration along it’s privacy for $10.99/yr. But that does not happen, the total price amounts to almost $15 and this total falls in the higher range.

Here is an example that can give you a better idea of the costs associated with their services, if you choose them. If you buy 10 domains with them, then you end up paying almost $50 extra every year. Although this is half of what the other pricey websites charge, it still is expensive.

Verdict on as Domain Name Registrar

I DO NOT RECOMMEND for buying domain names as their total price is high.

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